Week 8 (Oct. 9- 15): Technology for Positive Behavior

Learning Objectives:

Gain an understanding of visual support strategies and digital social stories

Things To Do

  1. Watch a Video: The importance of Visual Supports

In This video clip, Dr. Carnahan discusses the use of visual supports she implemented when she was working in the classroom. Examples of using of visual supports are embedded throughout this video.


2. Read:  Visual Supports for Students with Behavior and Cognitive Challenges

This article describes six evidence-based visual support strategies, their benefits and simple methods for implementing them in the classroom.


3. Watch a Video: What is a Social Story?

Carol Gray, the developer of the world-renowned, evidence-based “Social Stories(TM)” teaching strategy, describes this valuable tool and provides important information for the parents and professionals who wish to use Social Stories to increase social understanding and effectiveness. More information is available at http://www.carolgraysocialstories.com/. In the site, you can find history, philosophy, and samples of social stories.


4. Read:  Digital Stories Targeting Social Skills for Children with Disabilities

This article describes (a) what a social story is, (b) how to create digital social stories, and (c) how to implement digital social stories in the classroom.

After reading the article, review the following “Social Stories PPT”, which summarized key information regarding social stories and provides tips and useful resources (e.g., mobile device apps and websites that can be used to create digital social stories) for creating digital social stories.


5. Activity: Low Technology for Mathematics and Science

In the activities, you will create a visual schedule and a social story for your student. Download directions for each activity and follow steps. You need to copy and paste your visual schedule created in the Weekly Reflection #2. Also, you need to also submit your social story when you submit the weekly Reflection #2.

  • Activity #1: Visual Schedule
    • Direction


6. Optional: Read the chapter 7: Assistive Technology to Create Visual Supports and Support Positive Behavior (Assistive TTechnologyin the Classroom by Dell, Newton, & Petroff)


Assignments & Important Dates

  • Complete Week 8 questions in the Weekly Reflection #2 (based on this week’s assignments).
  • Your weekly reflection #2 is due on Oct. 22 (Sun), by 11:55 PM. I know you might need more time to complete the week 8 activities for your weekly reflection #2, so you will have one more week to submit your weekly reflection #2 paper.
  • Forum Response: Due by October 25 (Sun), 11:55 PM.  Go to Laulima Forum and Leave a comment to each person in your small group about their project/process.