(Oct. 2- 8 ): Technology for Social Studies

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify what virtual field trips are
  • Identify how to plan and use virtual field trips
  • Create their own virtual field trips

Things To Do

  1. Watch a Video: Virtual Field Trip to Tenement Museum in NYC!  

The video describes 4th graders in Ms. Ross’s class in Cold Spring Elementary school located in Maryland went on a virtual field trip to Tenement museum in New York City. Students and Ms. Ross explained some benefits and glitches of VFT.


2. Read: Making and Taking Virtual Field Trips in PreK and the Primary Grades

This article describes (a) what a virtual field trip (VFT) is, (b) two types of VFT, (c) benefits and limitations of using VFT, and (d) how to plan and use VFT.


3. Review PPT: Let’s Go on Virtual Field Trips!

After watching the video and reading the article, review the PPT. It summarizes key information you need when using VFT for teaching your students. It also provides suggestions for how to support students with learning difficulties during VFT, some activity ideas, and resources.


4. Activity: DIY#3: Create Own Virtual Field Trip

In this assignment, you will create your own VFT. Download the directions and follow each step.

As you did for DIY#2 Digital Photo Story, you will need to upload your VFT in Laulima forum by Oct. 29 (Sun), 11:55 PM. There will be small groups within the forum and you need to upload VFT in the folder your name is on. When you uploaded it, write a comment about your project. In your comment, describe the process of making VFT and how you could use this type of process with students. You can comment on what the challenges and/or fun parts of this process were as well.

By Nov. 5 (Sun), watch VFTs of the others in your small group. Write a comment to each person in your small group about their project/process.

<Download for Use>


Assignments & Important Dates

  • Complete Week 7 questions in the Weekly Reflection #2, due on Oct. 22 (Sun) by 11:55 PM 
  • Complete and submit the Digital Photo Story Assignment in Laulima Forum (Due by Oct. 8, 11:55 PM). 
  • You also need to do the forum response by Oct. 15 (Sun). Leave comments to your peers’ photo stories in your small group.
  • Start working on DIY#3, Virtual Field Trip assignment (Due by Oct. 29)