(Sept. 25-Oct. 1): Technology for Math and Science

Learning Objectives:

Gain an understanding of technology for supporting mathematics and science

Things To Do

1.  Read: Assistive Technology for Mathematics

This chapter describes a process selecting assistive technology for mathematics. In this chapter, you will see how they use the SETT framework to assess and select AT devices for students (pp.1-10). You will learn more about the SETT framework in week 14. Read the whole chapter, but focus more on (pp.11-28) to learn about various resources. Explore some of the resources you are interested in.


2. Read: Virtual Manipulatives: Tools for Teaching Mathematics to Students with Learning Disabilities

This article explains (a) what VM is and (b) potential benefits and challenges of using VM for students with disabilities, and provides (c) a list of example VMs.


3. Read: Using Technology to Support Struggling Students: “Dong” Science Like a Scientist

This short article describes technology tools for virtual experiments/instrumentation and simulation beneficial for science classes. Explore some of the resources you are interested in.


4. Read: Using a Digital Pen to Support Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities.

This article introduces a variety of digital pens and describes how teachers can use a digital pen (Livescribe Echo pen) to support mathematics learning of secondary students with learning disabilities. The Echo pen can be a valuable instructional tool for teaching both mathematics and science. Read “Smart Pens (pp.3)” and “Case 2: Mathematics Class (pp. 5-6)”

Also, watch the video showing how to record and share a Livescribe math pencast.


5. Review  Web page: Low Technology & Online Tools for Mathematics and Science 

This web page introduces some low technology options for teaching mathematics and science. Also explore online tech tools including (a) Math dictionaries with pictures, (b) CAST science writer, (c) Study Jams!, and (d) TechMatrix on the web page.


6.  Activity: Explore the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

In this activity, you will explore one of the most popular virtual manipulatives, the NLVM. Download the directions and follow the steps.


7. Optional: Read Chapter 5: Technology Tools to Support the Teaching of Math (Assistive Technology in the Classroom by Dell, Newton, & Petroff)


Assignments & Important Dates

Complete “week 6 questions (Q3-Q5)” in the Weekly Reflection #2  (based on this week’s assignments)

Keep working on DIY#2, Digital Photo Story assignment. All the details about this assignment can be found on the Digital Photo Story Assignment website. It is due by October 8 (Sun), 11:55 PM.

The Weekly Reflection #2 is due on Oct 22  (Sun) by 11:55 PM