Week 4 (Sept. 11-17): Technology for Reading

Learning Objectives:

Gain an understanding of technology for supporting reading

Things To Do

  1. Watch the video: Meet Joe!

Joe is an 11th grader who is very interested in math and technology. Joe has learning disabilities and uses various types of technology to help him succeed in school. In this video, he shares some of the apps and programs that he uses for reading. You will see how technology can support students who struggle with reading.


  1. Review Website: Technology for Reading

The website introduces various technology tools that can support the reading of diverse students. I want you to know what technology tools are available, so you can use the knowledge for your students who struggle with reading. Visit the websites and watch the videos provided in the site.


  1. Hands-on Activities: Exploring 7 Technology Tools for Reading

Let’s explore seven technology tools introduced in the “Technology for Reading” website. Those are free, but valuable tools that can support students who struggle with reading. Download the directions and follow each step to explore each tool.

  • Read and Write Gold for Google Chrome: Directions
  • UDL Book Builder & Tar Heel Reader: Directions
  • Natural Reader & Built-in Text-to-Speech: Directions
  • Mercury Reader 
    • Download Mecury Reader in the Chrome Web Store
    • Try it out when reading webpages (watch the video tutorial again in “Technology for Reading” website if needed)
  • Text Compactor


4. Optional: Read the chapter 3: Assistive Technology to Support Reading (Assistive Technology in the Classroom, written by Dell, Newton, & Petroff)


Assignments & Important Dates

Work on week 4 questions in the Weekly Reflection #1.

You need to complete and submit the Weekly Reflection #1  by Sept. 17 (Sun), 11:55PM.

To submit your Weekly Reflection #1, Go to Laulima -> Assignments -> Weekly Reflection #1

Start working on DIY#2, Digital Photo Story assignment. All the details about this assignment can be found on the Digital Photo Story Assignment website. It is due by October 8 (Sun), 11:55 PM.


Late Assignments:

2 point deducted for each day that a Weekly Reflection is late. Weekly Reflections no longer accepted FIVE days past due date without prior consent from instructor. It cannot be submitted after Oct. 2nd.