Week 3 (Sept. 4 – 10): Universal Design for Learning #2:  Applying UDL to Practice

Learning Objectives:

Gain an understanding of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

  • Instructional strategies & tools that align with UDL principles
  • Applying UDL framework in the classrooms


Things To Do


1. Explore a Free Toolkit Website:

  1. Last week, we explored some tech tools supporting each UDL checkpoints by doing the UDL checkpoint activity. The following website, Free Technology Toolkit for UDL in all classrooms, also provides a list of various free technology tools that you could use when teaching your students. Many of these tools can also help you to meet the UDL principles. Visit the following website tools and explore the tools you are interested in.


2. Watch: CAST UDL-based Lesson Videos 

  1. The Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) publishes many UDL resources for teachers.  Watch some short videos on CAST’s website that show how UDL can be implemented in the classroom.
    •  Go to the UDL Video Library
      • Select ONE of the videos listed in the red box below and watch it.
        • Grade 1: Mathematics
        • Grade 5: Language Arts
        • Grade 6: Science

3. Select and Read: ONE of these articles

  • OPTION 1: Recommended if you teach Pre-K-5

Using Multimedia Technologies to Support Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners and Young Children with Disabilities

This article focuses on young children (Pre-K to 3rd grade). It describes relatively simple strategies to use technology tools we have available to us (like PowerPoint) and create projects for young children with disabilities. This article is written to provide practical tips and strategies for parents, teachers and service providers.

  • OPTION 2: Recommended if you teach 6-12th

UDL Based Technology strategies in Secondary Settings

The article has two classroom scenarios of teachers integrating technology-based strategies in middle and high school classrooms. Read the two case stories of how these teachers used instructional technologies and incorporated instructional strategies with technology to support diverse learners.


4. Read: Using Universal Design for Learning to Design Standards-Based Lesson

The article presents a process that teachers can use as they develop standards-based lesson plans. By “unwrapping” academic standards and applying UDL during the lesson planning process, teachers can identify clear goals aligned with an academic standard and develop flexible methods, assessments, and materials that address the needs and preferences of varied learners. You can focus on reading pp. 3 (from Academic Standards and UDL) to pp.10. 


5. Optional: Reading Chapter 4: Technology to Support Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction. (Assistive Technology in the Classroom, written by Dell, Newton, & Petroff)


Assignments & Important Dates

Attend the 1st Face-to-Face session (Sept. 9, Saturday)

Bring your laptop.  We will be doing a tech project (DIY#1 Feelings Game) and people often like to learn/practice how to do the projects on their own computers. (If you cannot bring a laptop there are extra laptops available to use.)

Download Google Earth on your laptop

Download the files on your laptop: https://tinyurl.com/y979tm8r (there are 3 files)

We will meet at 12:15 (12:15-3:15) in Wist 130.  Please be on time! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting with you in person. 


Complete Questions (Q5-Q7) related to “Week 3” assignments and the “f2f session” in Weekly Reflection #1. 

At the end of this week, you can complete the questions related to Week 3 assignments and our f2f session.

Weekly Reflection #1 is due on Sunday, September 17 (Sun), 11:55 PM.