(Nov. 9 – Nov. 15): Mobile Devices and AT Apps

Learning Objectives:

Gain an understanding of

  • Benefits of using mobile devices for teaching students with disabilities
  • AT  mobile device applications

Things To Do

  1. Read: Three short Webpage articles

The short webpage articles describe why mobile devices, especially iPads, have been very popular in SPED settings and what their potential benefits are for supporting students with disabilities.


  1. Read: Two Articles

These papers describe how iPads can be used as AT to support students with disabilities. Also they provide information on iPad’s accessibility features, a list of applications that can be used as AT, and a list of websites you can search for more applications.


3.  Watch Video: How Blind People use Twitter & YouTube on the iPhone 4

Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, demonstrates how people who are visually impaired use the iPhone 4S. He shows us how the Accessibility setting on the phone allows him to use the Twitter and YouTube applications.


4.  Explore: Accessibility features and AT apps

  • We explored some AT apps in our f2f session. Here is the list. Take some time to explore more apps. Try out to find/explore more apps for your students using the app search websites (from your readings).


Assignments & Important Dates

Complete Question #2 in the Weekly Reflection #3 (based on this week’s  assignments)

Keep working on your final project. Do not start it at the last minute!

There is no assignment due this week.

The Weekly Reflection #3 paper is due on Dec. 6 (Sun).