(Nov. 2 – Nov. 8): Technology for Daily Living and Work

Learning Objectives:

Gain an understanding of

  • Technology supporting daily living and work
  • How to make Home/Job accessible for people with disabilities

Things To Do

This week, you will learn about technology for supporting daily living and work. As a teacher, we usually focus on supporting students in school. I hope this module gives you opportunities to think about your student’s daily living at home/community as well as their future at work.


  1. Review : Two PowerPoint Presentations

The PPT presentations provide information about technology for supporting daily living and work. Review the information, watch the videos and visit the websites in the presentations.


  1. Read: Workplace Technologies for People with disabilities 

This paper provides AT examples for supporting various needs (e.g., vision, hearing, mobility, memory, organization, etc.) of people with disabilities to succeed in their work. It also provides more ideas for making jobs accessible for people with disabilities.


Assignments & Important Dates

Download the Weekly Reflection #3 questions

Complete Question #1 in the Weekly Reflection #3.

Start working on your final project (if you received my feedback). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you haven’t submitted your idea for the project, please submit it ASAP.

There is no assignment due this week.

Weekly reflection #3 is due on Dec. 6 (Sun) by 11:55 PM.