Image for Success StoreImage for Success is grateful for the support of community corporations, foundations, businesses and individuals. Our work depends on funding from private donations and grants to pay the rent and keep the lights shining. It also allows us to purchase new clothing and undergarments to supplement the generous donations made by the community.


Jennie Aho | Mary Jo and Peter Bassing | Betsy Baxter | Diane and Jack Bazler | Philippa Beaumont | Linda Benedetti | Bernie and Cindy Benson | Judy Berg | Suzanne Berns | Craig and Francesca Bestwick | Anke Betic | Sue and John Boland | Jane Brayton | Andrea Brown | Katie Budge | Michael and Marilyn Cabak | Bill and Jeanne Cahill | Jean and Michael Casey | Renee and Roy Chernus | Mary Jane Chetelat | Laura and Lincoln Collins | Patricia M. and Tom L. Cook | Coreen Cordova | Bridget and Robert Crowe | Deanna O. Cumberland | Skipper Cummings and Jim Tillson | Sarah Davis ] Lisa Della Valle and Eric Watterud | Jill Denney | Mary Diamond | Paige Dickow and BlackRock Matching Gift Program | Kay Dunnigan | Joan Emerson | Helene Ettelson | Diane Ettelson and Anthony Lowenstein | Herb and Betsy Farber | Loretta Figueroa | Mitzie and Rob Forsland | Geraldine S Foster | Teri Frangie and Ken Young | Susan and Wayne Freedman | Cheryl Genet | Greg and Judy Gibson | Eleanor Gilbert | Mitchell and Antoinette Golbus | Ken and Joan Gosliner | Patricia Gould and Roger Lippa | Elizabeth and Joseph Greenberg | David and Margie Guggenhime | Gerald M. and Carole H. Gunn | Carol and William Haggerty | Erika Hagopian | Betsy and Brian Hand | Janet Hayward | Annemarie K. Hellmann | Karin Herbster | Leni and Doug Herst | Patrica Jenkins and Robert Cerf | Judi and Jeff Kirshbaum | Lyn and Don Klein | Kim Kristoff | Leslie Kwartin | Josette Lambert | Frances Lana and Georgene Keller | Barbara Lee | Mel Lee | John and Marcia Lenser | Stephen and Nancy Levinson | Susanne Light | Kathy and Jeffrey Lovold | Sylvia and Noel Luneau | Laura Luz | Don and Brenda MacLean | Peter and  Melanie Maier | Diana Maier-Kaplan and Ethan Kaplan | Lisa Mantua | Rosie and Noel Marcovecchio | Dorito Marringa | Pam Martori | Debbie Matthies | Janet McAllister | Robin and Andrew Meisel | Linda and Paul Merschodorf | Carole and Merle Meyers | Larry and Geraldine Miller | Penny and Edward Moreci | Ann Moreira | Therese A. Norton | Darice and Jeff O’Neill | Pat Orr | Diane and Louis Parente | Heather and Jason Pedersen | Angela R. Penninocurley | Tamra Phillips | John and Tucky Pogue | Norma Powers | Cyrina Quinlan | Vicki L. Quinn | Patricia and Charles Raven | Sandra Reinhard, CPA | Sheri Rice | Beverly Robbins | Judith Rose | Sheila and Erwin Rosenthal | Melanie and Stanton Russell | Natalie and Warren Sandell | Kristi Sandford | Elizabeth Scarborough | Zoe and Stephen Schwartz | Elizabeth and Sheldon Schwebel | Susan Severin | Kathy Severson | Linda and Jeff Skinner | Ingrid Skog-Sato | Barbara Smith Gemstones | Elizabeth Smylie | Virginia Snyder | Joan H. Sotomayor | Bonnie and Louis Spiesberger | Roberta Steiner | Sandford and Carol Svetcov | Carol Sweeney | Suzanne Sweeney | Irene Tabet | Robert W. Towler | Paula Trehearne | Samantha Tuttle | Christine and Ken Valente | Constance Vandament | Sally Ann Wagter | Cynthia and James Walker | Deborah J. Ward | Francine Ward | Carol Weitz | Dottie Wells | Pamela and Dennis Whipp | Angela Wildman | Frances Williams | Lisa Wilson Huffman | Katie Workman | Lynne and Charles Worth | Suzanne Zimmerman | Fariba Zolnasr


Bank of Marin
Eckhoff Accountancy
Genworth Financial
George H. Sandy, Foundation
Give with Liberty
Leni and Doug Herst Foundation
Marin Charitable Association
Marin Community Foundation
Marin Women’s Hall of Fame
Nina Brandt Foundation
Rotary Club of Novato
San Rafael Host Lions Club
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Slaylen Family Philanthropic Fund
Southern Marin Mothers’ Club
St. John Episcopal Church
The Village at Corte Madera
TJX Foundation
WestAmerica Bank
William H. Donner Foundation
Womens Council of Realtors
Womens Welfare League


EO Products
Ken and Joan Gosliner
Elizabeth and Joseph Greenberg
Button Down
Carlos Santana Handbags
Edder Sway, Inc.
Get In Shape for Women                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Isda
Liquid Events
Men’s Wearhouse
MINI Storage
Nancy Higgenbotham
Olivia Rose Tal
Organic Beauty Now
Presh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Shimoff & Associates
Simon Chang Concepts
Southwest Airlines
Sylvie & Mado
The Art of Organization

Thank you to each of you from Image for Success!